Hangover | Koramangala

The hangover is one of VRO’s original success stories, born of the idea to build a friendly neighborhood watering hole that quickly became the talk of the town and soon evolved into an experience, lifestyle, and much much more.

  • Koramangla, Bangalore

Hangover | HSR

The hangover was just a brilliant napkin idea with tonnes of confidence that was spilled over. With the compliance to give every Bangalorean a comprehensive sit-down drinking experience at affordable prices, Hangover was the place to be, even before its genesis. The Team treated this to be their golden child and wanted to make the most of their maiden brand. With heaps of enthusiasm and undeterred spirit.

Launched at the ideal destination of Indiranagar and later moved into its locations at HSR and Koramangala; Hangover became a local name for all things related to having a good time and good food.

  • HSR, Bangalore

Every day is worth a celebration and your celebration can never end here at your #friendlyneighbourhoodbar