Holy Doh

Combining NY-style thin crust heaven with traditional Neapolitan recipes.

That first bite of pizza just hits different!

Holy Doh | Bangalore

Three Luru Boys at heart who’ve traveled the globe in search of the best slice-o’-zza! Only to bring it back home of course! Meet Dany, TD, and Rish- the ultimate Pizza musketeers (if there were any)! Their numerous travel escapades and hunt for the best pizza around the globe inspired them to start Holy Doh!

Named after the mother starter that the trio developed with ingredients they’ve collected from their travels, Holy Doh is a celebration of the best slice of wood-fired pizza you’d have ever had. Dany aka Danyal, our Doh! scientist, worked on perfecting the beautiful, smoky crust that holds together the gorgeous toppings- ranging from classic to regional flavors. His quest of developing the signature Holy Doh! crust came from his interactions with numerous Pizzaiolos and then bringing the same techniques to our home ground and mastering it. So if you’re an ardent fan of our Doh!, you’d know whom to thank!

TD aka Theodore, our Artsy Guru, believes one should always judge a book by its cover! Hence, inspired by the street art and music culture he’s experienced through his globetrotting phase, he decided to pen and illustrate Holy Doh!’s journey as an ode to the same! Infusing a bit of the authentic and immigrant Italian American pizza culture along with Bengaluru’s love for pizza is what defined it for him. Using sharp colors and bold illustrations to convey energy, excitement, youth, fun, optimism, and balance was the aim. This is why you’d love the look of Holy Doh! before you even taste it!¬†

If there ever was the biggest fan of the Luru Land, it would be Rish aka Harish! He convinced both his matches to join him to create a stir in Bengaluru’s pizza culture! The mastermind behind sourcing local produce and ingredients to create our gorgeous recipes! He’s worked closely with sourcing out only the best and sustainable ingredients that are native to regions all over the country to develop our gorgeous pizzas.

Creating recipes that are inspired by the authentic and traditional baking stories, but building their own unique identity too has been a motto for these 3. They worked with experts who helped to trademark each of their one-of-a-kind recipes and frankly, eating a ton of pizzas and sandwiches every day helped as a side hustle too!

The idea is to serve the best, yet a selected range of wood-fired pizzas and sandwiches that could celebrate the ingredients of the season and still create a consistent and eternal love for the products by consumers. And with the hope, after the first bite, the only thing you’d want to say is “Holy Doh!”